Enjoyment Any Time, Anywhere, with Nordic Spirit

Nicotine Pouches with a refreshing mint flavour., enjoy the classic mint version for a refreshing kick of flavour with your nicotine. There are 20 pouches per can.

Nordic Spirit Mint Extra Strong, for that Enhanced Tingling Feeling

The Nordic Spirit Mint Extra Strong pouches of contain 10,3 mg of nicotine per pouch, for those who enjoy that extra kick.

Nordic Spirit — Bringing Swedish Tradition to You

A very new company, Nordic Spirit was founded in 2018 and is based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Their products are based on the modernization of a very old Swedish tradition. Bringing their product to a wider market, their innovative approach delivers your nicotine experience in a flavourful, easy and discreet way, with no tobacco, smoke, or vapour. Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches come in a range of flavours and nicotine strengths.

nordic spirit

Looking for a less intense nicotine kick with the same refreshing mint flavour?

Strong: Nordic Spirit Mint Slim Strong

Regular: Nordic Spirit Mint Slim Normal.


Brand Nordic Spirit
ProductPage.Specs.A.TypeFilter Nicotine Pouches
ProductPage.Specs.A.Strength Extra Strong
ProductPage.Specs.A.Flavour Mint
ProductPage.Specs.A.Format Slim
ProductPage.Specs.A.NicotineStrength 10,3
ProductPage.Specs.A.PouchesPerCan 20
ProductPage.Specs.A.WeightPerPouch 0.6